Aalto in English

Aalto Bankers is a Finnish financial advisor and an asset management company. The company was founded in 2005 and it is owned by the key operative management. The company is independent from the banks and insurance companies and co-operates with both domestic and with international product and service providers. The company is supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervision and is a member of the Investors Protection Fund.

Aalto Bankers offers a broad selection of different financial products and services to its clients. The investment advice philosophy of Aalto is based on using different asset management classes when building client portfolios. Aalto is a strong believer in the Yale-Harvard strategy, which enables the clients to receive through diversification satisfactory long-term profits with a lower risk or volatility.

Aalto is actively trying to ensure that it can provide the clients with a wide selection of products and service. This is done by regularly meeting with product providers and asset managers. Aalto believes that the Finnish investors needs to diversify a good part of the investments to the international markets. This ensures a better financial result in the long term. Of course not forgetting the domestic financial opportunities.